Heya! I'm George, a creative front-end developer with over two decades of experience.

Skills I am most passionate about


  • JavaScript

  • Web Components

  • Responsive Design

  • Accessibility

  • PWA

  • Figma

  • Git

  • CI / CD

  • Docker

  • Linux

  • Bash

  • Astro

  • React

  • HTMX

  • Angular

  • DNS

  • Multi-faceted

  • Motivated

  • Disciplined

  • Dependable

When I'm not crafting UIs that are simply awesome, I geek out on (retro) electronics and gaming consoles. I've got a true passion for these kinds of things, and I'll never stop trying to better myself. Here in my corner of the interwebs, you'll find some neat (at least I think it's neat) content around here, primarily the things I do for work and play. Feel free to have a look at my resume as well, and get in touch if you'd like to learn how I can deliver for you.

I like to actively browse GitHub, mainly to star repos and expand my knowledge. The world of open source is fantastic, and I've contributed back to a few repos myself, such as mozilla/multi-account-containers, go-gitea/gitea, and EclipseFdn/open-vsx.org. I've also got some popular repos myself.

Again, thanks for dropping by, and please poke around. Be sure to check the , and customize the look of my site to your preference. Enjoy!


< About_this_site />

<humbleBrag> I designed and developed the entire UI of this website. </humbleBrag> It's built with Astro, which is a fast, component-based framework that is React-compatible, providing static generation and automated bundling. It's the first 'full' project I've built with Astro, and I have learned a ton, particularly expanding my knowledge of JSX and TypeScript.

It is a content-driven website, where my articles live in either a work/ or play/ folder, and are composed with Markdown (or MDX).

This website is also accessible , respecting animation/motion preferences, screen-reader assists, etc.. A11y is always an important aspect of front-end development for me, and I strive to ensure any interface I build can be used by everyone.

CSS is my bread n' butter, and I've set it up to use a main SASS 'entrypoint' file where all of my imports are defined in cascading order. At the start, I was heavily using SASS variables, but now that CSS is modernizing, I am adapting them to native custom properties. I do still find that SASS is very useful for mixins and functions, so I won't fully remove it.

Finally, I also publish an RSS feed if you'd like to be kept in the loop.

Fun Fact: I use CSS custom properties to actively modify the colour theme that you can switch via . I then store your preferences locally (only), using the browser's localStorage functionality.

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Github Stats

I'm not claiming to be a bigshot since joining Github on May 2, 2010, but it's nice to see others engaging with what I've put out there.

124 conky_synthwave_neon
Synthwave-inspired Conky theme with weather support and a spiffy layout.

110 retro-crt-startpage
HTML5-based layout for a personalized retro CRT startpage.

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