Synthwave Neon theme for Conky preview image


  • conky v1.10+, as the new config file uses Lua syntax
  • Exo 2 Font for the proper font display, though you can use any you prefer (but may have to update font sizing in the config)
  • apcaccess for reading the Load level of the UPS (if APC UPS support is desired)


  • Either clone the repository from Github, or download the latest zip file
  • Update the default references within .conkyrc to point to your local repository folder, or wherever you extracted the zip file. i.e.:
    • Use Find & Replace to modify ~/Design/icons/ in the default config to _____PATH_TO_REPO_____/icons/
  • Ensure the Exo 2 Font (above) is installed in your custom/system font collection
  • If weather support is desired, see below for how to create the JSON file that conky will parse
  • Run this conky theme config with conky -c _____PATH_TO_REPO_____/.conkyrc

Weather Support

This theme relies on the DarkSky API to parse weather data from JSON. DarkSky offers free rate-limited API access, so please create an account if you’d like to utilize the weather functionality in this theme. Once you’ve done so, you can simply pull the weather data every so often by using a cron job, or a systemd timer (take note of DarkSky’s rate limits), which runs a command similar to:

curl -s -o ~/.cache/weather.json ",_____LONG_____"

This instructs curl to save the output to a JSON file. If you save the JSON output to somewhere other than ~/.cache/weather.json path, you will need to modify that path in .conkyrc.

This theme will parse that JSON file (~/.cache/weather.json) on your local machine every so often, and use it to display the correct temperature values, and weather icons.

.conkyrc edits for personalized info

  • line 19 / Set minimum_height to your screen resolution height
  • line 38 / Set update_interval to your desired refresh interval (default 1s)
  • line 70 / Remove if you do not use apcaccess to obtain UPS status
  • line 73 / CPU model and optionally change image
  • line 77 / CPU cores (if not 12)
  • line 113-116 / Disk mapping for I/O stats, disk free, etc.


This layout was built for 1440p resolution, but you can adapt it by simply adding/removing anything really.

Hope you enjoy using this conky theme, and if you’d like, you can: