8-bit Android Arcade BootAnimation preview

I had an idea to recreate a classic 8-bit-like boot animation for Android devices, and constructed it for multiple device display densities.

» Preview w/sound on YouTube

It’s offered in two versions, one with scanlines, and one without. Note that there are also different sizes/resolutions to choose from as well. Here’s a quick list so you know which one to get (pick the one closest to your native screen resolution):

  • mdpi = 270 x 480
  • hdpi = 450 x 800
  • xhdpi = 720 x 1280
  • xxhdpi = 1080 x 1920
  • xxxhdpi = 1440 x 2560

The .zip files that you download are not to be used directly! Simply extract the ‘bootanimation.zip’ from the downloaded .zip, and place it in your appropriate folder (often /data/local, /system/media, or ask your ROM dev if you do not know).

» Download it below!

BONUS » Download the boot sound: (Note that this might not work with all ROMs - see your ROM dev for more info)


The sound sample is from The Scene Is Dead by Dubmood.